Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1 helpful tool in partnering

moving away from everyone and everything that you know
can definately be hard!
we asked missionaries who were new to the field,
"what is one thing that has made your transition easier?"
and can you imagine the response?
"snail mail!
letters from loved ones back home!!!"
we spoke with one family who said they get a letter
the same day
every week.
they didn't even know the sender well before they left,
but of course now, it's a dear & cherished friend!
sometimes they get a card signed by
the entire sunday school class the kids attended,
sometimes it's a short "i'm praying for you",
even recently it was a small package
to say happy birthday and merry christmas!

we want to challenge you,
our friends, family, and prayer network!
a challenge to practice communication!
send a short e-mail when you get our update,
write a quick hello!
tell us how we can pray for you!!
we LOVE hearing from you!!!!!

even in our short trip we felt we "lost communication"
with this world.
it was easy to be discouraged,
easy to feel forgotton and unloved.

we will do our best to keep communicating with you,
and pray and hope you do too!!
i'd even say, start practicing now!!!
joe says that is un-necessary since we're still here,
but who doesn't like to get snail mail
esp that isn't a bill, right?!?
also, if not with us because we're still here,
find someone else!
there are plenty of missionaries out there,
plenty of friends and family,
maybe your pastor,
who might just need an encouraging hello!

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