Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the cutest little gift idea

yesterday, we were the lucky recipients of the cutest little gifts! our friends from church sent joe home with the most delicious smelling candle (in fact, i've had it burning all day b/c it smells sooo good!) and a box of homemade cards. of course, you know that is right up my alley!!! i used to thoroughly enjoy making cards, but i must say i was never this good! it came complete with the most simple but beautiful wrapping too! i tried to take some close ups of the cards for you to see the detail that went into them -the time it must have taken to make them...
i am thankful for these gifts and i am thankful for these friends who are always encouraging and who are so giving of themselves and self-less thinkers!!
i hope to get to know them a lot more in 2011!!

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