Sunday, December 12, 2010

cRaZy CrAviNgS!

one solid craving since the first week we knew about baby #3 has been lobster. i have probably had lobster once in my whole life before now, but somehow, that's all i've wanted. unfortunately for me, lobster is REALLY expensive! as you can imagine, i haven't had it too many times, but couldn't resist the BIG SALE i found at ALDI today! yum, lobster - it's whats for dinner!! with owen, it was meats & soft pretzels...with aiden it was fruits & salads...why can't this be easy and cheap-ish like those?!?

since we've been back from rwanda, i also cant get enough salt & vinegar chips, which i don't even like the smell of while not preggo, and pickles. just for clarification, not together!! at first, i thought we had so much "sweet" in rwanda that my body was just trying to compensate...then i thought for sure this MUST be a, i'm just plain unsure!
today i made a HUGE batch of pickles to keep me satisfied for a while, except they're supposed to be at best flavor 5 days later...think they'll make it?!?

*i also must add a disclaimer...i have been baking away making all kinds of treats for neighbors. several days of baking here, and i ate 1 cookie. actually, i even left the "crust" of that cookie!! that is very much unlike me!! i usually am drawn to sweets! they've always been a downfall of mine.

what is going on inside this body of mine?!?

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