Tuesday, December 7, 2010

cards from africa

this is a group i was given the chance to visit while in rwanda. it is a group that is entirely separate from AIM, so i don't know if there is a possibility of involvement in the program one day or not, but it is totally worth mentioning!

cards from africa is just as it sounds! they are cards made by orphans in rwanda.

here is the process in photos:

they start with scrap papers and make them pulp.

they then put the pulp on the screens and squeeze out the extra water and lay the papers flat to dry.

after the papers are dry, they are then died to different colors. (dying the papers after they are made make for more vibrant colors, but makes for an extra step)

the papers are then stored for use.

the company hires orphans to make the cards, paying them according to the amount of cards they make. they work in groups of 3 to produce cards, each being given a sample of what the design is.

there are many different cards for just about every occasion. the cards are of great quality and includes an envelope.

would you consider purchasing your next card from them?

here is the website and you even get free shipping when you purchase a certain amount (which actually isn't a lot).

we bought several and will be sending some out soon! many ppl buy cards!

many pay several more dollars without thinking about it. this all goes for a good cause and you get some really good cards too!!

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