Thursday, December 16, 2010

baby love

unfortunately, my camera wasn't out and ready for the moment i'm about to tell you about. so i missed "catching it in film", but i don't want to forget about the cute little story!

my belly has felt very different this time around! i feel like i feel EVERYTHING! the other pregnancies, i feel like you couldn't even tell i was pregnant until i was in the last month or so. this one is already obvious! we are about 17 wks now. earlier in the day o jumped onto me and landed straight on my belly -i wanted to cry! we had to have a little talk about how he couldn't do that, but especially when the baby is in there!

owen has been talking/asking lots about the baby. not "how did she get in there?" kinds, but still very inquisitive. he asks about where he was born, then proceeds to ask if we're africans! :) he's been clinging to a monkey joe and i had made for him when we were told he would have downs. we told him that the doctors have nothing on god! :) we like to tell him about when he and aiden were in my belly! we talk about the size of the baby now and how we can't hear her but she can hear us! we talk about how, even though we haven't met her we still REALLY love her and she also loves us! we ask his opinions on names, etc. some things just make him giggle. you can tell he can't wrap his mind around all of it yet, like when he asks "is the baby here, YET?!?" other things make him ask more questions...

last night, he approached me, hugged my belly ever so sweetly, and said "i love you baby!" i guess some things are being embedded into that ever growing brain of his!!

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