Sunday, December 19, 2010

another thrift store win!

the hat
yeah for thrift stores!!
this week i went in with little hopes,
but i found not 1, but 2
pairs of maternity jeans for 50% off!
that makes both pairs $7 total!
i was just looking at jeans online and thinking,
"$35 for jeans? are they worth it?!?"
i was even going to fork out the dough,
just to have a good pair,
but now i have 2 pairs for a fraction of the price!

bonus: one pair is smaller than i thought i was!!
i also got a great little winter hat for $1.99
and a few little girl outfits for $.50 ea!!

i'd say this was a thrift store win!
(i'll try to add photos of some stuff later!)

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