Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my latest project

this is my latest project! it's nothing fantastic, but it's something! it is similar to a "nap mat" if you've ever seen one of those. the bottom is flannel and has a cute animal print on top (with extra batting in the middle). attached is a fleece blanket. originally, i bought the material for a quilt for the boys...then i got the material. i ordered it online and expected the animals to be much MUCH smaller. they are HUGE and i knew i couldn't cut it into little pieces to quilt without loosing the cute animals! then recently, the idea was to make these "sleeping bags" as we're affectionately calling them, for the boys while we're away. i want them to remember how much i love them, even when i am not there to tell them that every night. i even just got the news that we might not even be able to call! :( well, i'm hoping to get the second one sewn up before we leave in 1 week, in between all the laundry and packing!! i'm just not sure who i want to have which color...there is a brown and a red one. hopefully the boys will LOVE them and i will get some satisfaction that my love is wrapped around them every night!!!

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