Monday, November 8, 2010

monster cakes

taste of home magazine had the cutest little monster cupcakes in their last issue.
we happened to be doing a little monster theme
for aidens VERY SMALL birthday party.
we decided to make them!
here are the steps we took and the outcome of the cupcakes,
what a fun time!!
(p.s. i'm noticing a theme to aidens party's...
the first was a very hungry caterpillar
(as he is always very hungry),
now a little monster bash
(enough said)...
wonder what we'll do next year!?!)
anyways, here they are:

cupcake #1 a purple 3 eyed monster
put a pretzel stick into a lg marshmallow and dip into frosting
(it is most helpful to warm the frosting a bit to make it smooth and thin)
add a small sliver of licorace as the eyelid
we had an over abundance of skittles from halloween,
so that's what we used for these eyes.
the recipe calls for m&m's.
by cutting mini marshmallows in half,
you will get the appearance of goofy teeth.
(the cupcakes are also frosted by dipping into the warmed frosting)
the tongue is made up of a laffy taffy.
you can warm it NOT FOR LONG (maybe 5 sec)
and it becomes very easy to shape.
next you add in the eyes and viola!
cupcake #2 spikey orange monster
you can make eyes by putting small marshmallows
onto pretzel sticks and then "glueing" eyes on.
again, we used skittles.
the recipe also used jimmies for eyelashes,
but we didn't have jimmies on hand
(nor patience by the time we got to these guys)
for the spikes,
the magazine used chinese noodles.
we had loads of pretzel sticks so we decided to use them
(also slightly more kid friendly).
put in the desired amount of spikes,
then dip into colored frosting of choice,
again warming the frosting
for easy dipping.
add the eyes and viola!
cupcake #3 the many eyed monster
(and most annoying to make)
here we used our leftover purple frosting and added sprinkles.
for the eyes, we used red licorace
(recipe calls for black, but again, i thought red would be
received better by kids).
you stick one end of various sized licorace
into a mini marshmallow.
"glue" on the eyes.
for these eyes we used mini m&m's.
then insert eyes into cupcake and viola!
cupcake #4 and my personal favorite
the green one eyed monster
we used a cake decorating bag
and filled it with our green frosting.
(in the recipe they just use ziplocs, so be creative!)
i put on some frosting to give a home
for the large marshmallow to sit.
stuck a marshmallow in and
began piping the "fur" around it.
the fur can be made with a simple movement
of a cake tip.
it took me all day to do the other 3 designs.
this one i banged out in about 10 min tops!
definately the easiest,
possibly the cutest,
and for me the most fun!
i used junior mints for the eyes
(b/c i had them and thought they'd look great).
this one does use a lot of frosting though,
be warned!
here are the finished products:

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