Wednesday, November 3, 2010


sometimes life gets busy and before i know it, a LONG time passes before the next blog entry is added! i am reminded of this when i check other friends blogs and they have several new entries, but even more so when joe sits me down and says, "wife, you're not blogging!". hehe, when the hubs notices, you know it's been too long! so here is some of the stuff from the last month or so, and i promise, more exciting stuff will come!

pumpkin picking/hayride @ johnsons farm:

halloween camping with joe's fam:

prepping for winter (new hats & vests):

coloring the pumpkins the boys picked:

paka ran away twice and we got a new little kitty who is sweet as pie! she loves to be held and rubbed and scratched and makes everyone LOVE cats,
but she is also scared to death of the world still and likes to hide.
she is so small we decided she does "disappearing acts", hence, the name we gave, gypsy:

joe and i are headed to rwanda in 2 weeks!!!

we got some family pix done (hoping to use one for a prayer card)...
this is one of the shots that our friend, kacey, took and we love it!!!

and i think that pretty much sums it up! thanks for being patient with me and i do hope you enjoy the exciting posts to come in the next month or so
(ie: rwanda trip)!

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