Wednesday, November 10, 2010

these babies will come in handy!

joe and i each got one of these water bottles when we were at candidacy week. it has a built in filter so we can fill 'er up ANYWHERE and drink without worries!
so, in the middle of safari and run out of water? no problem! with these guys, we can use a random puddle, etc.! the filter even lasts for about a year!
i think these babies will come in handy!!

this makes my heart happy!

our first photo of baby #3!

wordless wednesdays 11/10

do you see what i see?!?
yup, it's official!!
the marlins are growing!!!

my latest project

this is my latest project! it's nothing fantastic, but it's something! it is similar to a "nap mat" if you've ever seen one of those. the bottom is flannel and has a cute animal print on top (with extra batting in the middle). attached is a fleece blanket. originally, i bought the material for a quilt for the boys...then i got the material. i ordered it online and expected the animals to be much MUCH smaller. they are HUGE and i knew i couldn't cut it into little pieces to quilt without loosing the cute animals! then recently, the idea was to make these "sleeping bags" as we're affectionately calling them, for the boys while we're away. i want them to remember how much i love them, even when i am not there to tell them that every night. i even just got the news that we might not even be able to call! :( well, i'm hoping to get the second one sewn up before we leave in 1 week, in between all the laundry and packing!! i'm just not sure who i want to have which color...there is a brown and a red one. hopefully the boys will LOVE them and i will get some satisfaction that my love is wrapped around them every night!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

happy birthday song - aiden #2

monster cakes

taste of home magazine had the cutest little monster cupcakes in their last issue.
we happened to be doing a little monster theme
for aidens VERY SMALL birthday party.
we decided to make them!
here are the steps we took and the outcome of the cupcakes,
what a fun time!!
(p.s. i'm noticing a theme to aidens party's...
the first was a very hungry caterpillar
(as he is always very hungry),
now a little monster bash
(enough said)...
wonder what we'll do next year!?!)
anyways, here they are:

cupcake #1 a purple 3 eyed monster
put a pretzel stick into a lg marshmallow and dip into frosting
(it is most helpful to warm the frosting a bit to make it smooth and thin)
add a small sliver of licorace as the eyelid
we had an over abundance of skittles from halloween,
so that's what we used for these eyes.
the recipe calls for m&m's.
by cutting mini marshmallows in half,
you will get the appearance of goofy teeth.
(the cupcakes are also frosted by dipping into the warmed frosting)
the tongue is made up of a laffy taffy.
you can warm it NOT FOR LONG (maybe 5 sec)
and it becomes very easy to shape.
next you add in the eyes and viola!
cupcake #2 spikey orange monster
you can make eyes by putting small marshmallows
onto pretzel sticks and then "glueing" eyes on.
again, we used skittles.
the recipe also used jimmies for eyelashes,
but we didn't have jimmies on hand
(nor patience by the time we got to these guys)
for the spikes,
the magazine used chinese noodles.
we had loads of pretzel sticks so we decided to use them
(also slightly more kid friendly).
put in the desired amount of spikes,
then dip into colored frosting of choice,
again warming the frosting
for easy dipping.
add the eyes and viola!
cupcake #3 the many eyed monster
(and most annoying to make)
here we used our leftover purple frosting and added sprinkles.
for the eyes, we used red licorace
(recipe calls for black, but again, i thought red would be
received better by kids).
you stick one end of various sized licorace
into a mini marshmallow.
"glue" on the eyes.
for these eyes we used mini m&m's.
then insert eyes into cupcake and viola!
cupcake #4 and my personal favorite
the green one eyed monster
we used a cake decorating bag
and filled it with our green frosting.
(in the recipe they just use ziplocs, so be creative!)
i put on some frosting to give a home
for the large marshmallow to sit.
stuck a marshmallow in and
began piping the "fur" around it.
the fur can be made with a simple movement
of a cake tip.
it took me all day to do the other 3 designs.
this one i banged out in about 10 min tops!
definately the easiest,
possibly the cutest,
and for me the most fun!
i used junior mints for the eyes
(b/c i had them and thought they'd look great).
this one does use a lot of frosting though,
be warned!
here are the finished products:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

though i had a much more fun way of announcing it on here (please still view the wordless wednesdays post NEXT WEEK), hubs has already shared it so please see the "BIG NEWS!!!" blog from my other site for an update!
p.s. the wordless wednesdays post from next week is one i set up months ago when we found out. it was my way of telling everyone when i wasn't really 'allowed to' yet and also shows my excitement for telling blogging world!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


sometimes life gets busy and before i know it, a LONG time passes before the next blog entry is added! i am reminded of this when i check other friends blogs and they have several new entries, but even more so when joe sits me down and says, "wife, you're not blogging!". hehe, when the hubs notices, you know it's been too long! so here is some of the stuff from the last month or so, and i promise, more exciting stuff will come!

pumpkin picking/hayride @ johnsons farm:

halloween camping with joe's fam:

prepping for winter (new hats & vests):

coloring the pumpkins the boys picked:

paka ran away twice and we got a new little kitty who is sweet as pie! she loves to be held and rubbed and scratched and makes everyone LOVE cats,
but she is also scared to death of the world still and likes to hide.
she is so small we decided she does "disappearing acts", hence, the name we gave, gypsy:

joe and i are headed to rwanda in 2 weeks!!!

we got some family pix done (hoping to use one for a prayer card)...
this is one of the shots that our friend, kacey, took and we love it!!!

and i think that pretty much sums it up! thanks for being patient with me and i do hope you enjoy the exciting posts to come in the next month or so
(ie: rwanda trip)!