Monday, October 4, 2010

a lesson about riding trains

this is "the el". we drive past it frequently and o always notices it:
how to know your 3 year old "gets it", but doesn't entirely "get it"...

o: "mom, can we ride the train?"
me: "o, you've really been wanting to ride the train lately, huh? we can't today, but we will try to soon!"
o: "but why not?"
me: forgetting for a second that he shouldn't ask why to his mommy i respond, "we are in the car right now and we can't ride the train when we're in the car. we can't ride the train right now, but i promise we'll try soon!"
o: "but i wanna....."
me: long day with fussy kids = tired momma and i'm ashamed to admit i'm only half listening by now -partly because of trying to drive in pretty nasty weather during rush hour, the other part because i'm exhausted from the days events...a light clicks on in my head and realization of the 'bad choices' going on makes me think must snip this now! in a firm [and not so loving] voice i start my speech, "o, there are 2 problems going on right now. 1. you are whining (in everything you do, do it without whining & complaining), and 2. i said not now and you need to obey and say 'okay mommy' and be done with it (children obey your mommies and daddies for it is good)!" then there was a classic line thrown in the mix. something to the affect of "mommy can make it so you don't go on a train for a very long time!!" after a silent minute & realizing i responded in my tiredness i added a little more tenderly, "you can tell mommy something like 'mommy i really like riding the train, do you think we can go on it again soon?' then mommy will answer. that doesn't mean mommy will say yes...she may say no...she may say later...but you still need to say 'okay mommy' if you like her answer or not!"
o: after a few minute pause this was rapidly thrown out [all together]..."mommy, i really like the train! can we go again? okay mommy!"
i could do nothing but chuckle in response!

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