Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wordless wednesdays 9/15/2010

to have a blackberry...

or not to have a blackberry?

funny story these blackberries, and my friend would not be happy if i just left these photos up here without explanation!
there were these huge and very yummy looking blackberries at their house when we went to visit. so politely nicholas offered me one, so i reluctantly ate it to be polite. it was the most bitter blackberry i had ever eaten. without thought my face puckered right up!! nicholas (and joe might i add) thought this was hysterical! they enjoyed my face [reaction] so much, that it was all they could do not to laugh. nicholas knew they were a bitter bunch, and wanted to see what i would do. he was playing a practical joke at my expense! :)
well, i also like to joke with nicholas. he is a big picture guy! he loves to have pictures perfectly posed and the surroundings just right. he has to be making a perfect face too. later in the evening i got him to offer a second blackberry with camera in hand and the second shot was what i got. PERFECT to show the true nature of the offer! now who was laughing!!!
it slightly reminds me of the cartoon image of an angel on one shoulder telling you the wise choice and the devil on the other shoulder saying "take some fruit, eat!"

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