Thursday, September 9, 2010

i've got a secret...

can i just say YUM?

i've learned how to make a tomatillo salsa verde, and it reminded me so much of
mexico i almost cried!

i can't believe i have been to mexico so many times, and it was not until now that i learned how to make it! look what i've been missing out on!!!

the only way i'm gonna share it, is to teach it (just like was done for me)! if you wanna know how, connect with me and we'll have fun cooking up some chicken
enchilladas for my family and yours!

*thanks to "miss suzanne" who not only taught me, but was willing to come to my house to make it with me and to play with my kids while i took notes! i had a great time and look forward to sharing batches with you in the future!

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