Monday, September 20, 2010

impulse decisions and a happy find!

impulse decision #1 for the day =
paint my room "appletini" green!
i LOVE it!
(p.s. sorry for the cat's bum in the pic)

below is a shot of the other side of the "new" room.
got a duvet/2 pillowcase set for $9.99,
2 lime green pillows for $3.99 &
a lime green throw for $3.49.
that's a new looking room for about $20!!!

a few new apple scented candles!
huh, i just now realized the irony of apple candles in an
"appletini" colored room.
i didn't even do that on purpose!!

a close up of the duvet and the throw.
love the simplicity of it!!!

impulse decision #2 for the day =
chopped the hair again!

notice the happy find i'm wearing?
this is my new pea coat i scored at the ghetto fabulous forman mills!
it's super cute -you have to see the whole thing!!
which you will this winter!

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