Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"first friday" in fishtown

fishtown (a neighborhood next to kensington) has an event called "first friday". every first friday the art gallaries along frankford ave open their doors and anyone can enter and view the art that is in progress. as someone who is into art, this is fun to me. our church has started participating (since we're not far from frankford), and having art work on display as well as openining doors on the first friday of the month. this past week, we decided to venture out and check it all out. our friends live on a block full of kids nearby and had them all work on specific projects to be showcased at one of the galleries. this was our first stop. the kids loved seeing work of other kids they knew and especially loved the mini cupcakes they got to have for snack. we then headed over to liberti to see the "In3s" show. there was music, lots of people to distract the boys and some great conversations! i'm glad we "braved" the bad attitudes of the napless children and they really had a great time! i hope to make the next one as well, as it is a great family outing (and it will be right before joe and i leave for rwanda). if you ever want to check it out with us, tag along! it is much fun!

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