Thursday, September 9, 2010


yesterday we walked with our neighbor, miss suzanne, a couple blocks to a nearby shop to have a taste of "the best empanadas around". they were very good indeed!
we already had dinner out and ready to be cooked, and in an effort to not waste/spoil that and to not fill the boys with their pre-dinner snack, we got one to split. for a buck fifty, we'll probably be testing out my spanish skills and visiting again soon!!!
the shop was interesting! there was a large window where you could see food displayed then a window where you ordered/received your food that was about 1 foot by 1 foot. the workers were slightly taken back but the "guerras" (white people), as there aren't too many of us around, but they were very polite and talked with them and even were patient as o tried to speak spanish to them. of course, as many people often think now, they asked if the boys were twins! these boys always attract attention when we go places, even when they're behaved very well. i guess it's because we are sooo white (and then aiden with that super blonde hair...). i suppose it is preparing me/getting me used to much attention as we will also stand out in rwanda!!!

anyways, we got the chicken this time, but they also have beef and shrimp! o scarfed his part right down!! had we known daddy wouldn't make it home for dinner, we prob would have just gone all out and got a little of each to try out!!!
(*suzanne, you'll probably cringe at this next part, so you may want to skip this paragraph all together and head to the end)
for those of you who don't know what an empanada is, it's basically a glorified pierogi! it's big (remember we all shared one) and instead of a mashed pot mix, it has a variety of cheese and a meat and some salsa. then the whole thing is fried to make a slightly crispy outside. i guess each culture has it's version:
  • spanish = empanada
  • italian = pierogi
  • indian = samosa
  • americans = we like em all!!!
tks for showing us where to go and even treating us this time, miss suzanne!!

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