Monday, September 13, 2010

the african marlins

last weekend we went to visit our friends,
the obieros, in DE.
milly was so kind to give me a conga
(photo above),
which is a typical thing for women to wear in africa.
she picked a special one for me and my blue eyes!
she took time to teach me to make chapatis
(photo below),

which are a type of bread they use
to pick up food to eat (rather than silverware),
and even taught me to prep sakuma wiki,
which is a common dish (at least in kenya).
i so enjoy her friendship and hope
to learn much MUCH more from her!

oh, and did i mention she made her infamous beef stew....
(photo above)
i ate it for dinner, and then
had leftovers for breakfast & lunch the next day!!!
the boys thought the congas were great,
so she let each of them try it too!!
(photos below)

owen and aiden have a particularly special bond
with their son keith!
i love to see them all play together
and hear their excitement about going to visit
auntie milly, uncle nicholas & keith!!!

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