Monday, August 16, 2010

running shoe FAIL

while i know i don't have the cutest feet,
i'm being brave and posting a rather large shot of one anyway!
over the last couple weeks of running i have had some
MAJOR running shoe fail!!!
having lost around 96 lbs,
my shoes have grown a little big.
when i say a little, i mean they were big when i bought them,
but for $5, you don't get too choosy!
i attempted to use a pair of shoes my mom no longer needs...
huge blisters on my heels!
i found a pair on sale that were running specific
for $9 @ target...
you would not believe the pain i was in by the time we finished!!
my poor jogging buddy had to put up with a lot from me that day!
we started our normal route,
and by frankford ave (just a few blocks away),
i knew i would end up with blisters.
as we continued,
i "announced" i had blisters.
by the last several blocks,
i could barely walk.
i decided to loosen my shoe and walk the remainder of the way.
->stopping to loosen was the worst idea ever!
it burned so bad, i couldn't believe it.
i decided to look @ my foot.
afterall, blisters can't hurt that bad right?
something must be in the shoe or something...
well, i had a bloody mess thru my sock!
blister grew and popped!
needless to say, i walked in my bare feet the last
4 (or so) blocks back!

now that's a running shoe fail!

this is a picture of the other foots blister (just after running, so not at it's biggest). joe described it as a HUGE jelly bean just stuck on my foot. i didn't wear anything but flip flops for 2 weeks!!

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