Sunday, August 15, 2010

pats vs. genos

philly is known for its cheese steaks,
with pats (above right) and genos (above left)
in south philly high on the list of places to visit while here.
after living here 5 1/2 years,
i can now officially tell others whose i think is best!

mom and dad came over for a visit a couple weeks back.
dad fixed my kitchen sink
(so no more african dish washings,
though i need to practice now more than ever.
-that's for another blog, another time!)
conversation came up that they ended up
in south philly during a motorcycle ride.
it was mentioned they passed pats and genos.
we started discussing which place others thought was best,
then found ourselves wanting cheese steaks ourselves.
dad went out for some from a nearby place,
but surprised us and came home with pats and genos.
it was a unanimous decision that day...
pats was best!

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