Monday, August 16, 2010

extra extra! read all about it!!

***disclosure: the newspaper headline for this blog title is a joke, b/c obviously not everyone will want to know what i'm about to disclose. i, on the other hand, am celebrating this post and want to remember that, though it's postponed in blogging about it, this event happened in july 2010!

owen has finally mastered going "poo" on the potty! he's not perfect yet, but he goes!! woo hoo!!! here's the story:
in a moment of exhaustion and frustration walking thru target MONTHS ago, owen asked for this cars skateboard. in response to his request i said, "if you go poopie on the potty, mommy will come to target and buy that skateboard herself -just for you!"

here we are months later, and he remembered that conversation perfectly!!!!! we "barter" with him daily -> if he goes in his pull up/underwear he looses the skateboard for the day. i think it's a pretty good deal!!

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