Sunday, August 15, 2010

candidacy week

sometimes i don't even know where to begin when trying to convey a story. candidacy week is just going to have to be one of those times! i'm not sure if i just haven't had time to rest and process all the info, or if it's just one of those things you have to experience to understand! the week started monday afternoon, and by dinner we jumped in with both feet! days were packed with info, prayer, and relationships. it was overwhelming, but it was good! we were 2 of 23 candidates praying about being appointed with AIM.

this pic was our small group we met with everyday.

people from all over the usa, at all different stages of life, all with different backgrounds, and yet all with one heart call -to make christ centered church's among all african peoples! what an encouragement!!!

many have asked already what the content of the week was, so i'm going to include some of the "classes" we went through:
*AIM's ends *christ, you & others *meet AIM *appt about kids
*small groups *interview *AIM outbound *AIM structure & outreach
*travel info *counceling (review of tests) *health *finances
*partnership development *the 3 step *risk assessment *roundtable
*an african perspective *leaving/grieving *cultural transition

we are very excited that our whole class was appointed and that over the next couple of years africa will be sprinkled with these amazing people who so evidently love jesus and want to share his story!! we personally look forward to [lord willing] doing work in rwanda in 2012!

many people have atleast heard of rwanda, because of the genocide of 1994. wikipedia explains it as,
"the mass murder of about 800,000 people in about 100 days".

it's tragic! both the tutsis and the hutus were affected by this event! what we, joe and i, have been burdened with, is that most of the leaders of the local church's were either killed or had to flee. now, 16 years later, we see new leaders that have taken on the church's, but who have no training. there is a bible school in (near) the capital, kigali, that has been training up those leaders. men and women from all over the central region come to get training so they can return to their church's and teach others. joe looks to teach at this school. AIM has a fabulous video about this, "so we do not loose heart". please watch it to find out more. it is about half way thru the letter from one of the missionaries on the rwanda team.

please be praying with us, and feel free to ask us questions -we love to talk about rwanda!!

the rwandan flag

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