Thursday, August 19, 2010

the best bagels EVER!!

owen and i had loads of fun making bagels today. in fact, he insists we eat them for dinner!! he put all the measurements in and helped to mix it, and we continued to check on the dough as it was rising. i just finished cooking them (while he is asleep), and i think it is the best bagel i have ever had!!! super fresh, yet toasty on the outside!!

the recipe says it makes 12 bagels, but i found it to make 6. (i guess ours are jumbo bagels) we had many options suggested for type, but we went with 3 flavors ->cinnamon raisin, garlic, and butterscotch chip. Y-U-M!!!! i am disappointed we will eat them up all today. next time i would make a double batch to make them last a little longer!

i videoed owen "instructing" how to make bagels. to my surprise he remembered most of the steps. unfortunately it's not uploading well to blogger [today]. maybe another day will be different, but for now, here is how you make homemade bagels:

1 T dry yeast (about 2 packets)
3 T sugar
1 t salt
1 C warm water

add until kneadable:
3 C flour

turn onto lightly floured surface and knead until elastic (8-10 min). place in greased bowl and turn over so top of dough is also greased. cover with towel and let rise in warm place 30-40 min. punch dough down. separate into 12 pieces. shape into balls and work in "flavors", if desired. stick your thumb through to make bagel shape. let bagels rise 20 min. put 2-3 bagels at a time in a large pot of boiling water with 1 T oil added. let rise to top, and turn over. remove and sprinkle with salt, and more of your "flavors" if desired. bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 400 degrees F for 15-20 min until brown on bottom.

"flavors": minced onion, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, chopped fruits such as apple, raisin blueberries, banana, etc. chocolate/peanut butter/butterscotch chip

whole wheat bagels: use half whole wheat flour and half white flour.

***with kids, our dough raised for a couple hrs. i made the dough before reading the rest of the instructions and then got weary when i saw it might be much work. it was soo simple!! the boiling part was almost instant. in fact, i left the bagels for a little bit b/c it went right to the top. these truely are fantastic and don't take much ingredient or time wise. as long as you can find time to let the dough rise you are good! let me know if you try it out and what you think!!!

this recipe was taken from my new cookbook, the wycliffe international cookbook. can't believe i almost didn't buy it!!! i have used it several times this week and am absolutely in love!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

end of summer '10 update from joe

Friend & Ministry Partner's

One of the goal's for this summer's interns was to read through the
gospel of Luke and the Act's of the Apostles in the 8 weeks they were
here to serve in the city with us, Acts is Luke's second book which
tells of thing's which Jesus continued to do through his people after
he had rose from the dead. I was also following along with them and
found this passage near the end of Acts from Paul defending himself
while on trial incredibly moving.

[King Agrippa, do you believe the prophets? I know that you believe.”
And Agrippa said to Paul, “In a short time would you persuade me to be
a Christian?” And Paul said, “Whether short or long, I would to God
that not only you but also all who hear me this day might become such
as I am—except for these chains.”] (Acts 26:27-29 ESV)

When you have tasted the mercy of God like Paul had, you long for
other's to taste it as well. The great mercy of God which had been
foretold about by the prophet's, and which we now can know plainly
living on the other side of the death and resurrection of Jesus

He lived the life we should of lived, and died the death we should of
died. What would we not do for him? How could I not want you all to also
know God's love, and the healing of knowing all of your sin's are
forgiven because he died in your place, and the power to live a life
of freedom from sin and selfishness, and to do good works because he
rose from the dead and making the world new, starting with the hearts
of men and women?

Me and my wife Kristy have long felt called to serve Him and let
other's know about his great mercy in tangible ways, as we have been
for the past 5 years, by living with, and providing help to the poor
today and hope for eternity.

Pray for us as we go to Candidates Week, next week to explore our
calling in Africa with African Inland Mission.

Pray we get a really honest look at out strengths and weaknesses.
That we would be confirmed in our gifts and calling, and also aware of
the thing's in our lives we need to work hard on.

Pray that we would have discernment along with other's on where God is
leading us exactly.

Pray that we would have the answers to questions that have been in our
hearts for almost the whole time we've been married. That we would be
appointed as full service missionaries and know our field and the time
frame for which we will be leaving.

Pray that the week would be a time of refreshment and fellowship as my
mother will be caring for our kids and we will be able to spend time
with a bunch of other people exploring their calling for mission's in

On the home front, if you haven't yet, please check out the liberti
summer intern's facebook page.!/group.php?gid=120926881271665&ref=ts

It contains a ton of great pictures and some stories of how the
intern's have grown this year. Homeless were fed, and we learned
their names, the unborn were advocated for, and young mother's
without the family or the means were supported, inner city kid's were
loved and respected, relationship's were born, and I saw intern's and
other's spiritually come alive.

The intern's never went hungry, though they were barely paid, the
generosity of many liberti member's and other's from the community
allowed them to find home cooked meals, they spent a ton of time
together, and they became family. They prayed together, studied the
bible together, served together and had fun together. I even got to
baptize the one who lived in our living room, and welcome him into our
church family last Sunday.

I am also thankful for the opportunity I had to preach for the first
time at liberti church east. I was free to choose my text, and I
preached on Psalm 67, a great missionary psalm, taking the high
priestly blessing for the nation of Isreal from Number's 6, and
turning into a song and a prayer of all the people of God, for all the
nation's of the world.

I will be preaching again August 22nd on the 9th commandment in a
series we are calling 'the great liberties'. (

We are so thankful for all God has done this summer, and ask that you
would remember us in your prayers, and that this month (august) would
be a time to shift down gear a few notches, reflect and be a family
together, so we can be strengthened again for his service.

Thank you for all you do to make our lives work and keep us sane.
(baby sitting, praying for us, supporting us financially, encouraging
us, ect..) we love you all.

Press on

Monday, August 16, 2010

how we plan to travel:

for those of you who know me, you know i LOVE being organized! while at candidacy week, this week past, it was suggested to use "action packers" to move ourselves to rwanda. after a little research, i LOVE this idea! it will provide protection for our things, safe storage for while we're there, and ample room for organizing!!!!! plus, they cost a fraction of the price of good enough luggage to do the job!!!
*it's a little discomforting though, that i'm already imagining what needs to go in each packer to do the trick!

aiden speaks, cont'd

it is so much fun!

this is the official list from july
(it has grown, but i haven't had time to add to it).

*hi *bye bye *mommy *dada *cup *cat *cold *more *please *cheese (when taking a pic) *whoa *tickle tickle *car *cookie *mine *ball *woof woof *clean up *quack quack *night *thank you *mora *tisha *eat *and the ever so infamous "uh-oh!"

he is doing amazing!!!

a much needed haircut

no, not for me
(though that's needed too)...

for little aiden man!!!

before crazy hair:

after front:
he is certainly more of a challenge to do than owen ever was,
but we didn't do half bad if i do say so myself!!

bad kitty!

we have a bad little kitty in our back yard, and i think he/she wants to get in! it continuously climbed our back door before we went away, and we returned to find the screen pushed in! good thing we remembered to close the windows before we left! i haven't seen this bad kitty since we got home (that's probably a good thing or i might want to have some compassion on it)...

extra extra! read all about it!!

***disclosure: the newspaper headline for this blog title is a joke, b/c obviously not everyone will want to know what i'm about to disclose. i, on the other hand, am celebrating this post and want to remember that, though it's postponed in blogging about it, this event happened in july 2010!

owen has finally mastered going "poo" on the potty! he's not perfect yet, but he goes!! woo hoo!!! here's the story:
in a moment of exhaustion and frustration walking thru target MONTHS ago, owen asked for this cars skateboard. in response to his request i said, "if you go poopie on the potty, mommy will come to target and buy that skateboard herself -just for you!"

here we are months later, and he remembered that conversation perfectly!!!!! we "barter" with him daily -> if he goes in his pull up/underwear he looses the skateboard for the day. i think it's a pretty good deal!!

running shoe FAIL

while i know i don't have the cutest feet,
i'm being brave and posting a rather large shot of one anyway!
over the last couple weeks of running i have had some
MAJOR running shoe fail!!!
having lost around 96 lbs,
my shoes have grown a little big.
when i say a little, i mean they were big when i bought them,
but for $5, you don't get too choosy!
i attempted to use a pair of shoes my mom no longer needs...
huge blisters on my heels!
i found a pair on sale that were running specific
for $9 @ target...
you would not believe the pain i was in by the time we finished!!
my poor jogging buddy had to put up with a lot from me that day!
we started our normal route,
and by frankford ave (just a few blocks away),
i knew i would end up with blisters.
as we continued,
i "announced" i had blisters.
by the last several blocks,
i could barely walk.
i decided to loosen my shoe and walk the remainder of the way.
->stopping to loosen was the worst idea ever!
it burned so bad, i couldn't believe it.
i decided to look @ my foot.
afterall, blisters can't hurt that bad right?
something must be in the shoe or something...
well, i had a bloody mess thru my sock!
blister grew and popped!
needless to say, i walked in my bare feet the last
4 (or so) blocks back!

now that's a running shoe fail!

this is a picture of the other foots blister (just after running, so not at it's biggest). joe described it as a HUGE jelly bean just stuck on my foot. i didn't wear anything but flip flops for 2 weeks!! my "spare" time!

booties for a beauty...

a bag for my momma...

life nights photos

Sunday, August 15, 2010

candidacy week

sometimes i don't even know where to begin when trying to convey a story. candidacy week is just going to have to be one of those times! i'm not sure if i just haven't had time to rest and process all the info, or if it's just one of those things you have to experience to understand! the week started monday afternoon, and by dinner we jumped in with both feet! days were packed with info, prayer, and relationships. it was overwhelming, but it was good! we were 2 of 23 candidates praying about being appointed with AIM.

this pic was our small group we met with everyday.

people from all over the usa, at all different stages of life, all with different backgrounds, and yet all with one heart call -to make christ centered church's among all african peoples! what an encouragement!!!

many have asked already what the content of the week was, so i'm going to include some of the "classes" we went through:
*AIM's ends *christ, you & others *meet AIM *appt about kids
*small groups *interview *AIM outbound *AIM structure & outreach
*travel info *counceling (review of tests) *health *finances
*partnership development *the 3 step *risk assessment *roundtable
*an african perspective *leaving/grieving *cultural transition

we are very excited that our whole class was appointed and that over the next couple of years africa will be sprinkled with these amazing people who so evidently love jesus and want to share his story!! we personally look forward to [lord willing] doing work in rwanda in 2012!

many people have atleast heard of rwanda, because of the genocide of 1994. wikipedia explains it as,
"the mass murder of about 800,000 people in about 100 days".

it's tragic! both the tutsis and the hutus were affected by this event! what we, joe and i, have been burdened with, is that most of the leaders of the local church's were either killed or had to flee. now, 16 years later, we see new leaders that have taken on the church's, but who have no training. there is a bible school in (near) the capital, kigali, that has been training up those leaders. men and women from all over the central region come to get training so they can return to their church's and teach others. joe looks to teach at this school. AIM has a fabulous video about this, "so we do not loose heart". please watch it to find out more. it is about half way thru the letter from one of the missionaries on the rwanda team.

please be praying with us, and feel free to ask us questions -we love to talk about rwanda!!

the rwandan flag

which way would you go?!?

pre candidacy week

joe and i were able to get away for a couple days before our big candidacy week. we dropped the boys at their mom-moms and headed for nanuet, ny. we definately enjoyed our "alone time"!
we sat over starbucks and enjoyed quiet conversations/reading, we took a trip down to staten island and enjoyed the free ferry into ny where we got the boys some "i heart ny" t-shirts and saw the statue of liberty,

we swam, we drove, and we enjoyed some of the area restaurants (our favorite was karavalli, an indian cuisine restaurant -if ever in the area, you should totally go & at least get some vegetable samosas). it was great for us to be together, especially after a long summer of not being together!

2nd quilt ->baby arrives!!

apparently, finishing the quilt
for baby uttke

leaving for candidacy week
was a
great idea!!!
i was so very happy to make it for her,
and was eager to give it to her
when she graced us with her presence 3 weeks early!

baby caroline is just beautiful!!!
congrats to all the uttke's!!!