Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the wise man

aiden has been doing awesome lately! he is in a great mood and seems to be really enjoying life! he finished his antibiotic last wednesday and has since been using some words and following some short commands (depending on his mood).
see the "aiden speaks" post for his current list (all from the last few weeks after starting the antibiotic).
this is a short clip of him singing "the wise man", one of his favorites from sunday school! before i would get the signs for the rain falling down, but now he makes official attempts to sing the words and do more of the signs. *please note, this is not the best he can do, but they never do what you want when you're trying to capture it!*
we see the ENT and get a second hearing test next week so please stay tuned for the update on if the antibiotic worked well enough! i also just got off the phone with his speech therapist who we see next thurs. so far she sounds like the sweetest thing! thank you jesus!!

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