Tuesday, July 13, 2010

so much...

when i say the marlins are busy, i mean it!
we have crammed things into busy days/weekends that i never thought would be possible, and there seems to be no end in sight!
the craziness of summer is usually mostly on joe's plate, but with the boys being a little older, we (the boys and i) have been able to do more too!
it's fun but crazy!

just to give you a small idea of what i'm talking about, i'll tell you this week...
sunday = church, groceries, target run (diapers & wipes), interns here for dinner and bible study.
monday = joe's day off! we [crazily] looked at dogs in the shelter and ended up coming home with a beta who owen named "sharkbait hoo-ha-ha". can we say nemo fan?!? unfortunately, he didn't make it through the night! (not sure if the cat played with him or what but the bowl was disturbed and the fish belly up) i also normally have bible study with my fam this night, but this wk was cancelled.
tuesday = k gets up early to jog, j has a mtg with interns, a mtg w/ alan, a mtg w/ pastor steve, an elders mtg. i am home with the boys all day, and have prayer with women from church at night.
wednesday = a has his 2nd hearing test and a visit with the ENT (last time took 2 hrs), k has a catscan to see if there is a hernia, at night j & k have life nights (summer camp @ church) while our friends watch the boys.
thursday = k gets up early to jog, then will dash to jersey with the boys to make favors for sis baby shower, race home for aiden speech therapy, at some point j has to meet up with friends to bring their son home for a visit in pa, at night we all go to movie nights @ church.
friday = j gets up early to pray with men from church, k should go get bloodwork done, but prob won't, k has to go to store to get stuff for a big block party sat, then come home and prep it since she won't be home sat to make it
saturday = get up early and drive to delbono's to get rolls for baby shower, j will then drop k off at sisters so she can help prep and get ready for baby shower, j will return with boys for block party. j will be leading [from home] clean-ups/house fix-ups all over the city this day. at some point j will have to return to get k (unless she can hitch a ride) and then we will all return for this big block party finale!
this doesn't even begin to explain the billions of things joe has going on for his regular work or summer stuff either.

with so many things going on, there is plenty to blog about,
but hardly the time to commit to it.
i'm behind in my bible reading, and haven't written in my prayer journal in weeks!!

we are also preparing for our candidacy week
with african inland mission that is coming up in the beginning of aug.
we have several books that we are supposed to read before hand, of which i have barely started:
cross cultural connections
friend raising
let the nations be glad

and for my bible study with fam on monday nights we are reading thru another book called so long insecurity.

for one who is a slow reader, i sure have a lot of reading to get to!
i have decided to take a break from blogging just to try to catch myself up, but couldn't just leave without explaining that or without briefly touching on some really cool stuff that has happened recently!!

we had an awesome time camping on the 4th of july with joe's mom and our friends aunt lussle & the dougherty's!!! we were only able to camp one night, but still had loads of fun!! make sure you see the wordless wednesdays blog for our train ride from our short visit to amish country.


o & a with tisha, mora, and joann

aunt lussle

tisha reading to o

mora with the adorable daphne (probably the only reason i was willing to go to the shelter monday to look at dogs!!)

mom f enjoying the time with her family

joe sitting in the shade while the boys napped

"mom mom" and "bugga"

a horse and buggy

some scenery

k & the "aidengator"

more scenery
beautiful aiden

o fishing (with a net)

"life nights", our summer camp at church, has begun. i am volunteering in the arts and crafts part and we had fun making pinwheels last week. we have many more plans for the following wks too!

the boys and i went to my parents house for a few days. it was perfect timing with the heat wave as we could jump into the pool whenever we felt! we had visits from gigi, aunt jess and the kids, aunt beck and her kids, and aunt mickey! what a great time!!

my momma

aunt jess playing the owen guitar

kk, pat, & o

pat with his "pet"

aunt beck with logan

toasting marshmallows! yum!!

kk w/ a mermaid doll

my pops

all 3 of my boys played with grami's goggles! naturally, i had to take shots of it!

a as he chants "cheeeeeese" for the shot




well, here's to hoping i get some of that reading done!
i will try to make notes of the really special stuff to blog about when i'm finished with it all!

*sorry for the lengthy blog!*
*there are 2 [already written] posts scheduled to come this wk*

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