Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the stoning of soraya m.

while i am not a writer, and i will do no justice to many things that i could decide to 'write a review' about, i am going to attempt to start reviewing things that i think are worth while, or worth checking out.
i have been greatly interested in documentary movies lately. having netflix provides much more awareness of movies that are out there. i happened to have time the other month (while boys were napping) and decided to 'treat' myself to break from chores. this movie was suggested to me by netflix itself.
knowing [from the real review] that it is based on a true story, i completely entered into the story of soraya, as if she was a good friend or a sister.
it is quite obvious from the title, that soraya gets stoned (i'm not ruining it for you), but let me just tell you that i sobbed during this movie! i don't know if it was because i see this as something i could potentially have to witness as a missionary, hence it becomes all the more real to me or if it's because i wonder if i would have the same courage as the older woman (i forget her name) to come against odds [and town officials] and spread the story like she did.
this sort of being risky enough [in a good way -not necessarily b/c of the outcome, but because of the truth] thought has been on my mind a lot lately! i recently was reading through acts where it talks all about paul and his missionary journies. towards the end of the book, paul is confronted many times and told not to go to jerusalem b/c he would be imprisoned. yet paul stands firm saying, "why are you weeping and breaking my heart? i am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in jerusalem for the name of the lord jesus."
just like soraya knew there could be consequences for not doing as her husband wanted, and her [i believe it was her aunt] knew there could be consequences for telling the truth, paul knew there could/would be consequences for sharing his faith in jerusalem.

soraya dies in the end of the movie...
the aunt gets her voice heard thru the world...
paul does end up being imprisoned...

would you be willing to "take risks" for such things?

to see a preview of the movie, click here

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