Thursday, June 24, 2010

sometimes i eat elotes!

above is an "elote" (pronounced e-loat-eh)
an elote is a common street food in mexico.
it took me several years to be brave enough to try one,
but ever since i frequently have the urge to have one.
last night was one of those times!
to make an elote,
you start with a corn on the cob
(boil it, like normal, which is part of why i needed to be brave in mexico).
then you cover it in mayo.
sounds gross, i know!
then you sprinkle on some parm cheese,
and sprinkle with some lemon/lime juice.
i have even heard of people sprinkling on
some crushed red peppers.
it is de-lish!!!
(in a once in a while kind of way)

this is a google image of a real "elote"
(and yes, you really do eat it on a stick like this).
if ever you're in mexico (or apparently chicago)
make sure you're brave enough to try one!

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