Wednesday, June 30, 2010

puddle jumpers

this is the puddle jumper life jacket that we use for our boys! it all started with my sister buying one, and loving it, so naturally we had to search one out for o last summer. o used it all summer and it gave him confidence to be in pool without latching on to an adult. suddenly this spring, after a winter of not swimming, o jumped into the pool (quite literally) and began "kicking and paddling" to the other side. i have never tried to teach him to swim, just thought he was too young last year and that it'd be something we'd work on this summer. this life jacket gives him enough confidence that he just followed suit!
it wasn't hard to think about what to get for aiden this year -as he has totally outgrown his baby float! (the one pictured is actually his design too...quite appropriate!) the beginning is a little tricky, because they have to kick a little to keep from floating towards their back. aiden has not figured it out quite yet, but i think he will in just a couple more trys.
they're great and adorable! if you (or someone you know) are looking for a great life vest, this is a great option!
as a bonus, they're only about $16 at target right now!!!

owen in his life vest last summer

aiden trying on his life vest

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