Sunday, June 27, 2010

the ONLY fruit of our labor

so there wasn't much watering that happened, and then there was that wind storm that blew all our seedlings over the back yard. needless to say, our garden is pretty much done. there was one beautiful (and delicious) strawberry that o and i were able to sample. it would def be worth it to try again with those next year!!!
i have officially decided the garden will be my thing next year. i don't promise it will grow well or that i will water it perfectly, but i will do my best! (anything is better then being ignored) i think i will work hard in it this fall. dig it out and lay down stuff to keep the weeds out. then fill it with a mixture of the dirt and some good soil. i will arrange the plants in rows next year and water it every day (or as needed). i have already started collecting seeds and am sure i will have the "perfect plan" mapped into my journal sooner than later!!
does anybody know, is it too late to "try again" with some veggies?

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