Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MuSiC mAcHiNe

my boys LOVE music!!! when music is on, we sing and/or dance...when it's not on, we often make up a silly tune or sing one of our favorite songs. needless to say, music is always around!!!
one struggle i have with going to a "new" church, is that the children's program is just starting up. quite actually, there wasn't even a need for a nursery until just a couple years ago! (this is a good thing! god is growing our church and his people)
i have many fond memories from childhood singing and learning bible stories @ sunday school & church. while there has been some singing for the little ones lately at liberti (thanks to a-pop), and my 2 are like sponges absorbing every second of it, i sometimes try to implement songs i remember throughout the week.
singing (or should i say belting out) the songs from music machine was always one of my favorite past times! with stevie and nancy going to visit mr. conductior in agapeland and all, what's not to love?! i know many of the songs still and have even been passing some along to my little guys. songs like, "patience" and "glad to be". by clicking here you can even hear some samples of some of the songs. just by reading the titles, i'm sure i can use some more of them in my daily teaching to the kiddos!!
music machine was def [and still is] in my top favorites!

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