Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MIL tomatoes & more

when my garden failed, my MIL came to the rescue! i have a beautiful pot of tomatoes growing on my back patio now & more jalapeno peppers than i know what to do with!
we take care of them exactly as we were told, but even with these, i feel
like i've already begun to kill them! notice the yellowing leaves on the tomato plant!!
even in a yellow state of mind, this plant bears many new tom to grow and we have enjoyed several beautifully red tomatoes so far though!!!

my one constant "okay" plant has been this flowering hanging pot! i call it okay b/c it is the one thing i haven't killed [yet]. i don't even know what type it is...it was on sale one week so i bought it and i water it tons (like it says to do when you keep it in the sunlight). even yesterday, when we returned from camping, it looked completely dead and then i watered it and today it is blossoming again. i am thankful for this forgiving plant and the beauty it brings to my backyard, as well as the happiness it brings to my heart!

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