Wednesday, June 9, 2010

intern chris

this summer we, liberti church east and liberti church south philly, are hosting seven interns. the interns are doing work through out the city which will basically include just about everything! intern chris lives at our house (actually in our living room-poor guy!)
the boys have really enjoyed chris so far...maybe that's because chris plays with them every morning! as seen in the pictures included, trains are a routine now! trains with awesome tracks might i add!! i tried to tell chris the first time that he was laying the foundation for the whole summer, and i try to tell owen everyday that it can't always happen -that chris is here to help tell people about jesus and how he loves them. so far it does happen! judging from the shots, i don't think chris minds too much!!!
owen practically worships the ground chris walks on! it's kinda nice to get a small break, especially with joe being so busy and being home with the 2 boys most of the day by myself. when chris reads his bible, owen takes out his bible...when chris writes in his journal, owen "needs" to write too! definately good qualities chris can instill into him!
as the newness of intern stuff wears off, i'm looking forward to chris being able to spend some time getting to know people on the block as well! we have several block parties planned, movie nights, etc.
be praying for chris, april, chelsea, rachel, tyler, jenny, and natalya as they step out of their comfort zones [in many cases] and into the city. pray that hearts would be softened to hear the good news they share! also pray for their hosts and the leaders joe, tara, a-pop, and erin.
there are things going on almost every day of the week, so if you'd like to get involved click here to find out more about what's going on and when or contact joe.

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