Tuesday, June 22, 2010

for the love of my child & pharmacutical woes...

NEVER have i worked so hard in my life to get a prescription!!!!
let me back track a little. last tuesday i took aiden to a hearing test and a visit with a ENT specialist. we were affirmed in his not hearing 100%. thankfully, it doesn't look like a permanant thing, but the poor kid has fluid in his ears [still]! he has had fluid since nov/dec when we rushed to the ER for his 104.9 fever and not being able to hold himself up (that was scary too, but another story for another time).
we believe, along with our pediatrician, that the fluid is the cause of his speech delay also!
when we went to the hearing test, we were asked to select a pharmacy, as this is how any prescriptions would be given. we picked the one a few blocks away from the doc thinking we could swing by and pick them up quickly before heading home. we were given 2 prescriptions so after the appt, i stopped in, and the pharmacy didn't get a "call in". i called the office to double check we were talking about the same pharmacy and they were closed for the day. ok! not a huge deal. i think to myself that i will call and have it switched to a pharmacy near me in the am. well in the am, i leave a msg with all the info and sometime late afternoon, the office calls back to "confirm" my request. wed pm script called in to pharmacy #2. thurs joe left with the car all day, and i was unable to get to pharmacy #2 in time. fri i get to pharmacy #2, even though the boys fell asleep in the car and i had to wake them after only 2 min and they were convinced that was their nap for the day, only to find out they didn't have the antibiotic, and the nasal spray was never called in. awesome! now i'm getting slightly frustrated. come home and call office again and explain the situation. ask for BOTH to be called into a pharmacy #3. wait about 1 hr (to ensure it's called in and filled by the time i get there). get to pharmacy #3 and there was no call in. pharmacy #3 finally agrees to check voice mail to see if it came in while they were busy. call did come in. they fill the nasal spray, but say the antibiotic is not covered by insurance unless the doc office calls and fights for it to be, and is otherwise VERY expensive. doc office closed for the weekend.
this child is lucky i love him, b/c if this was a script for me, i'd have long given up by now!!!
we went away mon so i called doc office first thing tues am (brings us to today). they say they will call and it usually takes "a day or so". i'm thinking in my head, "this kid is never gonna get these meds!" but kindly reply with a "thank you mam!"
ugh, just writing this story makes me tired!!
as i sat and wrote this, i received a call back from the office. script is covered, and at pharmacy #2! how we switched back there, i don't know. how it's covered without the call, i'm not quite sure! all i know, is that i want to get there fast, before they change their minds again!!!!
hopefully the drugs will work! we go back in july to get his hearing re-checked. if there is no change, my little man will need to get tubes put in. if it is better, he should start talking really soon (esp with the help of a speech therapist that is also offered with our health insurance).
even though it has been a hassle, i am thankful for chip and the coverage it provides for my kids. we never pay for anything, and we get great coverage!! (this is not a commercial, just my thoughts)

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  1. that's great, kristy! not about the long treks, but about the health care. i grew up with chip too and it really is amazing.
    i kept forgetting to ask you about aiden's hearing. i'm glad i thought to check here :)