Thursday, June 3, 2010

familiar places

i know i've mentioned it before, but it seems like target is our only shopping experience. owen loves target, mostly b/c he knows i'm a sucker for his "i want popcorn" cheer he says upon seeing the store.
he is usually very excited to tag along with me and quite a cutie about the whole thing.
today was different. we have been pent up in the house for a week now, first with the boys being sick, then with joe just being really busy. today we "kidnapped" the car. i wanted out... i NEEDED out!!!
owen practically cried that we were going to target. what happened there?!? now if i was a good and selfless mom, i would have canned my target dream and took them to a park to run. well, i didn't. we also just needed some things around the house and i wanted to scope out some sales for a care package we're sending. lastly, there's just something about a chai frap that i LOVE!!! (yeah starbucks!)
the trip was longer today, b/c of dropping daddy off at a meeting, and hearing the whines from the back seat were slightly frustrating. i thought for sure i'd be crazy to take such a sad little boy into the store. i also was behind a super slow driver, so i decided to take "back roads". somewhere along the way owens frustrations of shopping turned back into his normal joy for target (i think he remembered the popcorn), and i heard him chirp from the back seat...

"here target, target, target!!!
target, are you wost [lost]?
where are you?
are you dis [this] way?
here target, target, target!!!"

it was too cute! i guess you know you're addicted to a store when your child recognizes it from blocks away (or doesn't recognize it b/c of a new route). anyways, he didn't get popcorn this time. instead he got a hot dog and an icee. ->and i expected them to sleep when we got home!?!

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