Saturday, June 26, 2010

dishes -> aFriCaN sTyLe

so maybe god is trying to prepare me for life in africa?!
our kitchen sink has been leaking,
pretty regularly.
i usually try to conserve water
while washing dishes anyway,
but it still leaks!
this makes for me NOT wanting to do dishes
even more than i already don't want to
(beings that the kitchen is the hottest room in the house anyway).
i've been letting dishes pile up...
so frustrating!!!
yesterday i decided we REALLY needed
some clean dishes.
while aiden was napping,
i took on the adventure of doing dishes in basins.
it worked quite well!
we had a "dirty dish" bucket,
a "wash" bucket,
a "rinse" bucket,
and lastly a "clean dish" bucket.
then i brought them into the house and put them in dish drain to dry.
while i admit, this isn't REALLY
how it gets done in africa,
or anywhere,
it worked!
my dishes got cleaned,
my sink didn't leak,
and we conserved loads of water!!!
i still have to admit,
i hope the sink gets fixed soon!

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