Saturday, June 19, 2010

a date with the hubs!

the cRaZiNeSs of summer is here,
and it is not a rare thing for
me to go most of the day without seeing the hubs!
i am super thankful for my sis-n-law
coming over to stay with the boys sat night,
so that the hubs and i could go on a date.
we started out by going to a
benefit concert for our friends
who are adopting a baby.
next, we had to
run a few

so joe would be ready for the service on sunday.
last, we ran to
APPLEBEES for some grub.
(almost the only restaurant around)

i had a great time
and am so thankful for the chance to spend
a night out [even running errands] with the hubs!!!
especially during this time of year.
to learn more about the concert we went to,
click on the words "benefit concert" above.
to read more about their journey through adoption,
or to see how you can get involved,
click here to go to our friends' blog.

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