Monday, May 3, 2010

too busy for snuggles

owen is a blank slate!
everything we say/do is being sucked into his brain as if he NEEDS it to survive!
it's amazing to see how quickly he catches on to things, or how he remembers things from forever ago (like before he really started talking).
he is a genuine sweety!
every time he wakes from sleeping (the morning or nap) we have a snuggle time!
it is a special moment for me and i love to get what i can while i can, because i know one day [too soon] he will be "too big" or "too cool" to think about giving his momma some lovin!
the other day he was quick to get up and brush his teeth/get on with his day, and at some point later in the morning he snuggled in and said "ah, i need a hug!".
i was quick to stop what i was doing and take it.
then it dawned on me, and so i shared it with him, that we forgot our morning snuggles.
i joked with him that he was too busy getting ready for the day.
sometimes we say things and don't think much about the affects they will have.
this was one of those times.
later on i heard conversation of joe and owen from the other room.
joe happened to be asking owen for a hug, and owen was insistant that he was "too busy" to give him one!!!
i am thankful for a three year old that loves me!
i am thankful that i don't often have to ask for hugs, but instead am given them freely!
i am thankful that he is never really too busy [yet] for momma love!!!

daddy on the other hand....

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