Thursday, May 6, 2010

photographer owen

we recently found an old 35mm camera tucked away in one of our closets. owen has thoroughly enjoyed pretending to take pictures! he took it to the park the other day and randomly grabs it for things around the house. it is even paired with his own little "click" sound to ensure i know when he took the picture. we are planning on getting a new battery and a roll of film soon so he can see the actual pictures that he would be taking, but so far he has enjoyed "pictures" of many construction sites, flowers, birds, water towers, planes landing, and mommy/aiden shots where we are instructed to say "cheese, cheese, bumblebees!!".
today i cut his hair, which was long overdue. he looked so handsome, that i decided to take a shot for the blog and he instantly ran for his camera too. i didn't mind so much that he wouldn't let me get a shot without it b/c i needed a good shot of his photographing skills too!!
so here's my little bug with camera in hand and handsome hair do to show...

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