Thursday, May 6, 2010

the best thrift store find...EVER!!!

i have been wanting to do a lot more outside stuff lately. first off, it's free...second off, we're stuck inside a lot so outside is AWESOME for the boys...and thridly, i have more energy to do it!!! i have been looking into a backpack carrier of some sort for those trips where the stroller is less then ideal but aiden just isn't a great walker yet (getting over rocks or going uphill, etc.). i even was going to borrow our friends for a trip we're planning to ringing rocks out in bucks county. today i randomly found one in the thrift store for $2.95!!! i was stoked to say the least!!! the store had a rule that you had to spend at least $10 to use your debit, so i was "forced" to buy more, but it was completely worth it!!! i ended up with a shorts outfit for aiden, the carrier, new dress pants for joe (for his graduation), and a really neat sweater for myself, all for $14. happy thrifting and happy outside trails!!!

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