Monday, May 31, 2010


i started calling it not long after aiden was born.
i have said over and over again,
that SOON these boys would look like twins.
sooner than i even imagined, it has happened...
they are just about the same size,
and we are often asked,
"how old are the twins?" and
"are they twins?" type questions.
when aiden starts talking,
i can only imagine the increase in this thought!

boys sitting on step after a swim, head levels equal!
(*o was in trouble, hence the face)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day gifts

i can't wait to get it so i can start sewing away...

a may trip "down the shore"

waking daddy

most days daddy needs some motivation to get out of bed. most days mommy is more then willing to help in that area (by a few tickels, pokes, shakes, etc.) somedays, mommys attempts are exhausted & she has to bring in some extra help. this day in particular we FINALLY got daddy out of bed, and he came down to lay on the sofa. as you can imagine, mommys recruits jumped right into action!!!

mayday!!! mayday!!!

we woke up this morning
and found our seedlings like this...
how sad!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the best thrift store find...EVER!!!

i have been wanting to do a lot more outside stuff lately. first off, it's free...second off, we're stuck inside a lot so outside is AWESOME for the boys...and thridly, i have more energy to do it!!! i have been looking into a backpack carrier of some sort for those trips where the stroller is less then ideal but aiden just isn't a great walker yet (getting over rocks or going uphill, etc.). i even was going to borrow our friends for a trip we're planning to ringing rocks out in bucks county. today i randomly found one in the thrift store for $2.95!!! i was stoked to say the least!!! the store had a rule that you had to spend at least $10 to use your debit, so i was "forced" to buy more, but it was completely worth it!!! i ended up with a shorts outfit for aiden, the carrier, new dress pants for joe (for his graduation), and a really neat sweater for myself, all for $14. happy thrifting and happy outside trails!!!

photographer owen

we recently found an old 35mm camera tucked away in one of our closets. owen has thoroughly enjoyed pretending to take pictures! he took it to the park the other day and randomly grabs it for things around the house. it is even paired with his own little "click" sound to ensure i know when he took the picture. we are planning on getting a new battery and a roll of film soon so he can see the actual pictures that he would be taking, but so far he has enjoyed "pictures" of many construction sites, flowers, birds, water towers, planes landing, and mommy/aiden shots where we are instructed to say "cheese, cheese, bumblebees!!".
today i cut his hair, which was long overdue. he looked so handsome, that i decided to take a shot for the blog and he instantly ran for his camera too. i didn't mind so much that he wouldn't let me get a shot without it b/c i needed a good shot of his photographing skills too!!
so here's my little bug with camera in hand and handsome hair do to show...

freeze pops and friends

garden update

with a little research (which should have been done prior to the gardening), i found out that our blueberries will most likely NOT grow! :( blueberries are very hard to grow, and very picky about their soil...but also take 3+ yrs to produce fruit!!! i also saved a plum pit so we could try to grow a plum tree. this time i researched though...up to 5+ yrs for a fruit bearing tree. for someone who was never much of a gardener, i want INSTANT benefits of gardening! i want to see growth and pretty flowers, etc. knowing myself, i also would like organization in my garden. ie: rows with the produce. lately i've been tending to the garden & actually enjoying it, for the most part! it's relaxing!! our soil really should have been tilled better as there are MANY weeds growing in it almost instantly after weeding it! i think i have learned some and next year will take this on from start to end. our starter seeds aren't doing awesome either. many have just withered away (which is understandable from the constant heat to cold we are all experiencing!!!). i do have some strong green beans and cantalope growing and look forward to planting them soon. in the garden we are seeing our first strawberries and the lettuce is growing fast! can anyone say YUMMY SALAD?!? there is also this green plant growing where joe planted the potatoes. do potatoes grow greens? it's fun to check on and talk with the neighbors about. they are getting excited with us!! they have been helping take care of the weeds around it too. i can't wait to be able to share some of the fruits of our labors with them!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

too busy for snuggles

owen is a blank slate!
everything we say/do is being sucked into his brain as if he NEEDS it to survive!
it's amazing to see how quickly he catches on to things, or how he remembers things from forever ago (like before he really started talking).
he is a genuine sweety!
every time he wakes from sleeping (the morning or nap) we have a snuggle time!
it is a special moment for me and i love to get what i can while i can, because i know one day [too soon] he will be "too big" or "too cool" to think about giving his momma some lovin!
the other day he was quick to get up and brush his teeth/get on with his day, and at some point later in the morning he snuggled in and said "ah, i need a hug!".
i was quick to stop what i was doing and take it.
then it dawned on me, and so i shared it with him, that we forgot our morning snuggles.
i joked with him that he was too busy getting ready for the day.
sometimes we say things and don't think much about the affects they will have.
this was one of those times.
later on i heard conversation of joe and owen from the other room.
joe happened to be asking owen for a hug, and owen was insistant that he was "too busy" to give him one!!!
i am thankful for a three year old that loves me!
i am thankful that i don't often have to ask for hugs, but instead am given them freely!
i am thankful that he is never really too busy [yet] for momma love!!!

daddy on the other hand....