Thursday, April 8, 2010


so, you may be thinking "why the heck would you have a picture of your son crying let alone a blog post about it?", but take another look at the pictures and you might understand why!
he is just the cutest, even when he is frowning!!
if i'm using this blog to try to capture life, it includes the bad times too! (hence, being honest with my "beast like" post the other day) i want to remember this face clearly 30 years from now...50 years from now...
this was one of those moments that wasn't really a reason to cry. i think his brother was giving him a hug or something and o just didn't like it. that makes it easier to take a picture of b/c you don't really feel sad with him.
funny how sometimes he makes this face and it completely melts my heart. makes me want to stop everything and try to 'fix' whatever is wrong.
then there are times like this one when it takes everything in me not to laugh!

here's to remembering,
good times and bad,
and to the most adorable little faces
even if they are sad!!!

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