Thursday, April 8, 2010

moments of happiness

aiden has been quite a screamer recently! i'm not sure if he's just getting frustrated at his lack of being able to communicate, if he's struggling with his nap schedule (getting ready to switch to one but not quite ready to commit to it), if he's not feeling well, or if he simply just hates our house (it seems to stop immediately after we exit the door)! finding moments of him happily playing seem to be rare so i just wanted to take a few of them and post. maybe it's for my own sanity, to remind myself that there is a sweet little boy in there. maybe its to help me forget the stress of listening to the screaming. he is a fascinating little bundle of surprises and even though he screams way to much, i love him to death!!!

1 comment:

  1. my little sister used to be like that...a screamer. my mom never did get her to completely stop until she grew up. and i was like owen, the calm, quieter older sibling.