Friday, April 30, 2010

i think they like each other!!!!

i think they like each other!!!!

i was soo good at taking "brother shots" every so often, but for some reason it has been a terribly long while since i got a good one. maybe it's the busy-ness of the 2 of them, maybe it's the busy-ness of me....

when i got this shot, i knew it was a keeper! aiden, though still screaming lots, has become quite the lover boy recently! he is filled with loads of these types of hugs (we call them bear hugs as they usually come with a tight squeeze and a little growl), and many open mouthed kisses.
the screaming has settled a little. now it's usually an excited moment that you hear it, rather then the full blown continual scream all day. i have also noticed more of an attempt to communicate with us (ie: screaming with points towards something).
it's ok because i'm rather enjoying his "happy run" (flailing hands and squealing with excitement) and his love mood!!!

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