Sunday, April 4, 2010

hApPy EaStEr!!!

my favorite version of the easter story comes with the help of owen telling it...

"me: what did judas trade for jesus?
o: monies!
me: and where did they find jesus praying?
o: in the garden!
me: and who tried to protect jesus?
o: peter!
me: and did the leaders believe jesus?
o: no!
me: so what did they make jesus carry?
o: a cross!
me: and where did he carry it to?
o: "coal catha" [golgatha]
me: jesus died for the sins [bad choices] of anyone who believes. did he die for you?
o: yes! and aiden!!
*we usually go thru a list at this point
me: what happened to the people who loved jesus?
o: they were sad!
me: is that the end of the story?
o: no!
me: what happened in 3 days?
o: he rose indeed!!!"

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