Wednesday, March 24, 2010

starting a garden

so, maybe we are wishful thinkers and totally behind on the whole scene, but we are starting a garden. we have a huge field across the street that one of our neighbors has been taking care of for years, so we asked his permission to "dig out" part of it to build a garden. not only do we hope it brings some beauty to the neighborhood, we hope that some of our neighbors will follow suit and do the same. how wonderful to think of the possibilities this could hold!! i was talking with someone about this and they mentioned it was called guerilla gardening -taking a space that is currently used for rubbish and making it something beautiful.
this week past, joe & owen (and even a few of the neighbors were out there helping) literally took shovels, a rake and a pick and dug up our new space. we found many stones and worms, among other things. even i held a worm to try to show owen it was ok...he didn't go for it but props for me touching the wiggly thing!!! it is about 18' x 5'.
until today we had no clue what we were going to put in it. flowers? fruits? veggies? shrubs? there are many possibilities! today we made a trip to our local home depot and bought our first somethings to plant. so far we have picked blueberries and strawberries for fruits and romaine lettuce and onions for veggies. we are going to a local garden shop called
greensgrow for some cucumber, pepper, squash and pumpkin seeds as well. we have a fence to go around it to keep wandering people [and hopefully any animals] from trampling it, a watering can for joe [and one for the boys] and some tools for the job.
joe is excited about the actual gardening...i have whatever the opposite of green thumb is, so i will be excited to see if there is any growth to aide in our cooking! overall, i think it's a good idea and hope to someday post with pictures of our own produce!!!
p.s. a neighbor already told us she wanted to buy some rose bushes for her "plot"

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  1. joe talked about this briefly in homegroup...but your post really makes the idea come alive. I love it! And that's so encouraging that your neighbors helped and are already dreaming about their own plots. You've started a revolution :)