Sunday, March 21, 2010

remembering the bees

the weather has been brilliantly beautiful lately,
reaching the 70's and keeping a spring-like chill in the air (so as to not get too hot)!
yet, i can't help but think about our bee infestation last year.
everyday i walk into the kitchen expecting bees,
inspecting the area b4 entering.
i don't know if you remember our little issue:
even terminix couldn't fix it...
at the end of the season i did some research and learned
that bees don't survive the winter.
the queen does, but when nice weather comes
she leaves the nest and finds a new location.
she then lays her eggs and starts a new colony.
much work for the queen,
but it works out for me!!!
although this is what i read,
i still hesitate to believe it...
after all, the queen could fly into the house for her new location
then we'd have a real problem!!!

on facebook, there is a little something called "flair",
which are buttons you can collect and/or send to friends.
i recently stumbled upon mine
that i had collected when i joined facebook a few yrs ago.
there is one that still brings humor to my life...
and it's soo true!!!

"i don't like bees, okay?
they're like flying death monkeys!"
so there haven't been any bees.....yet!
hopefully it will keep that way!

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