Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i want!

with aiden growing more and more everyday, the whole bed issue has been on my mind a lot lately! i found an awesome bunk bed @ ikea that i love b/c it's lower than most bunks with the bottom being at floor level. the top also has a "wall" around it that would make me feel much safer putting my 3 year old into. unfortunately it costs $199. i understand that this is actually an awesome price esp when it would cover beds for both kids, but does it? we would then need to purchase 2 twin size mattresses and all new bedding, also keeping in mind that they are toddlers and will wet the bed or need changing of sheets often. the thought of the accumulating price slightly overwhelms me & i settle for "next years tax return".
also i keep in mind that we don't have plans to live in the US forever so investing in beds that will last through the years doesn't really make sense!
so last night i got this idea. when i was a kid we had bunks similar to the ikea one (but much simpler) that my dad and grandpop built for us when they re-finished the attic. if bunks can be made for twin beds, why couldn't they be made for toddler beds, right?!? i think it's a grand idea!!! i would have the 2 mattresses and bedding already, and bonus: it would fit so perfectly in the room that i might actually be able to find them a dresser too!!!
well, tonight "bing'd" them (used to be googled them but now hubs has bing). they actually the UK! (click here to see the adorable bed or look @ photo below! *disclaimer: i think the rope swing is an awful idea...who would encourage something like that indoors for any little boy?!?) unfortunately at this time they are not shipping to the US, nor would i want to pay that shipping cost, but i'm sticking with my idea and hopeing to find someone who can build the perfect toddler bunk for us marlins.

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