Wednesday, March 17, 2010

can i still call him baby?

a rare "lap" moment

communicating "more" in sign

playing peek a boo with the camera

getting ready for swimming in his "big boy" life vest!

"unlocking" the door by himself

aiden is 16 mos old now and i can't help but thinking how big he is! he is a real "go getter" when it comes to playing and he is much more daring than i'd like or than owen ever prepared me for! if i walk out of the room even for a moment, i return to find aiden standing on the top of the back of the sofa. even yesterday he somehow figured out how to get out of his crib! now, i know he is a big boy physically speaking (90% for height), but he is still a baby. more importantly, he is MY baby! because of surg, we have to wait a few years before we're supposed to get preggers, so he also will be, quite literally, MY BABY for some time to come!
when i see him figuring things out, like the keys go to the door or cleaning up, etc, it's always a bittersweet for me! i love that he is becoming more independent! i love to see him play with his brother! i love to see him run around chasing bubbles on the front sidewalk! but i also hate that he doesn't seem to need or want mommy anymore. lap time is a rare occasion, snuggles even harder to find. he already tries to put his shoes and coat if only i could get him to stop eating the crayons!!!
ha, well he will always be my baby, even when he has his own babies!

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