Tuesday, March 23, 2010


today was a hard day!
and i picked this dino to represent myself b/c it looks like it's snarling and that's what i felt like doing all day today!
it started out with goals and good moods, but an unfortunate twist happened EARLY in the day and then i felt like the rest of the day was a "terrible horrible no good very bad day!"

and to make it all worse,
my absolute most favorite cup
accidentally broke!
i was making a homemade hot choco to try to sit and relax a bit when it slipped and my cup and its chocolate contents went all over the kitchen!!!
--at least it wasn't the end of the unsweetened chocolate so i could start over (even if it wasn't in my favorite of all time cup)

what a tragedy!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry about your favorite mug! :-( I too have a very-favorite mug from a dear, dear college friend, and I often think my morning coffee would never be the same without that mug. . . and it is unique so there would be no way to replace it.
    Where did you get your mug? Maybe we can find one like it! Or is it "the best"(like mine is) mostly because of the memories and its "history"?