Tuesday, March 30, 2010

so long...farewell...

today "the beast" was stolen!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

starting a garden

so, maybe we are wishful thinkers and totally behind on the whole scene, but we are starting a garden. we have a huge field across the street that one of our neighbors has been taking care of for years, so we asked his permission to "dig out" part of it to build a garden. not only do we hope it brings some beauty to the neighborhood, we hope that some of our neighbors will follow suit and do the same. how wonderful to think of the possibilities this could hold!! i was talking with someone about this and they mentioned it was called guerilla gardening -taking a space that is currently used for rubbish and making it something beautiful.
this week past, joe & owen (and even a few of the neighbors were out there helping) literally took shovels, a rake and a pick and dug up our new space. we found many stones and worms, among other things. even i held a worm to try to show owen it was ok...he didn't go for it but props for me touching the wiggly thing!!! it is about 18' x 5'.
until today we had no clue what we were going to put in it. flowers? fruits? veggies? shrubs? there are many possibilities! today we made a trip to our local home depot and bought our first somethings to plant. so far we have picked blueberries and strawberries for fruits and romaine lettuce and onions for veggies. we are going to a local garden shop called
greensgrow for some cucumber, pepper, squash and pumpkin seeds as well. we have a fence to go around it to keep wandering people [and hopefully any animals] from trampling it, a watering can for joe [and one for the boys] and some tools for the job.
joe is excited about the actual gardening...i have whatever the opposite of green thumb is, so i will be excited to see if there is any growth to aide in our cooking! overall, i think it's a good idea and hope to someday post with pictures of our own produce!!!
p.s. a neighbor already told us she wanted to buy some rose bushes for her "plot"

on top of spaghetti

on top of spaghetti
all covered in cheese,
i lost my poor meatballs
when somebody sneezed....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the cutest little "jump roper"

**please note: i use the term "jump" loosely!**

letting aiden grow

most of the time, if we have a food that needs a utensil, one of us adults feeds aiden! it is a matter of being in control of how big the mess gets! tonight, i let aiden go to town with his fork. he immediately knew what to do with it! as you can see in the first two pix, he scooped up food and put it to his mouth. eventually, like most kids, he realized it would get in faster if he used his hands!
loved seeing him enjoy the moment...hated cleaning up the mess


today was a hard day!
and i picked this dino to represent myself b/c it looks like it's snarling and that's what i felt like doing all day today!
it started out with goals and good moods, but an unfortunate twist happened EARLY in the day and then i felt like the rest of the day was a "terrible horrible no good very bad day!"

and to make it all worse,
my absolute most favorite cup
accidentally broke!
i was making a homemade hot choco to try to sit and relax a bit when it slipped and my cup and its chocolate contents went all over the kitchen!!!
--at least it wasn't the end of the unsweetened chocolate so i could start over (even if it wasn't in my favorite of all time cup)

what a tragedy!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

remembering the bees

the weather has been brilliantly beautiful lately,
reaching the 70's and keeping a spring-like chill in the air (so as to not get too hot)!
yet, i can't help but think about our bee infestation last year.
everyday i walk into the kitchen expecting bees,
inspecting the area b4 entering.
i don't know if you remember our little issue:
even terminix couldn't fix it...
at the end of the season i did some research and learned
that bees don't survive the winter.
the queen does, but when nice weather comes
she leaves the nest and finds a new location.
she then lays her eggs and starts a new colony.
much work for the queen,
but it works out for me!!!
although this is what i read,
i still hesitate to believe it...
after all, the queen could fly into the house for her new location
then we'd have a real problem!!!

on facebook, there is a little something called "flair",
which are buttons you can collect and/or send to friends.
i recently stumbled upon mine
that i had collected when i joined facebook a few yrs ago.
there is one that still brings humor to my life...
and it's soo true!!!

"i don't like bees, okay?
they're like flying death monkeys!"
so there haven't been any bees.....yet!
hopefully it will keep that way!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i want!

with aiden growing more and more everyday, the whole bed issue has been on my mind a lot lately! i found an awesome bunk bed @ ikea that i love b/c it's lower than most bunks with the bottom being at floor level. the top also has a "wall" around it that would make me feel much safer putting my 3 year old into. unfortunately it costs $199. i understand that this is actually an awesome price esp when it would cover beds for both kids, but does it? we would then need to purchase 2 twin size mattresses and all new bedding, also keeping in mind that they are toddlers and will wet the bed or need changing of sheets often. the thought of the accumulating price slightly overwhelms me & i settle for "next years tax return".
also i keep in mind that we don't have plans to live in the US forever so investing in beds that will last through the years doesn't really make sense!
so last night i got this idea. when i was a kid we had bunks similar to the ikea one (but much simpler) that my dad and grandpop built for us when they re-finished the attic. if bunks can be made for twin beds, why couldn't they be made for toddler beds, right?!? i think it's a grand idea!!! i would have the 2 mattresses and bedding already, and bonus: it would fit so perfectly in the room that i might actually be able to find them a dresser too!!!
well, tonight "bing'd" them (used to be googled them but now hubs has bing). they actually exist...in the UK! (click here to see the adorable bed or look @ photo below! *disclaimer: i think the rope swing is an awful idea...who would encourage something like that indoors for any little boy?!?) unfortunately at this time they are not shipping to the US, nor would i want to pay that shipping cost, but i'm sticking with my idea and hopeing to find someone who can build the perfect toddler bunk for us marlins.

can i still call him baby?

a rare "lap" moment

communicating "more" in sign

playing peek a boo with the camera

getting ready for swimming in his "big boy" life vest!

"unlocking" the door by himself

aiden is 16 mos old now and i can't help but thinking how big he is! he is a real "go getter" when it comes to playing and he is much more daring than i'd like or than owen ever prepared me for! if i walk out of the room even for a moment, i return to find aiden standing on the top of the back of the sofa. even yesterday he somehow figured out how to get out of his crib! now, i know he is a big boy physically speaking (90% for height), but he is still a baby. more importantly, he is MY baby! because of surg, we have to wait a few years before we're supposed to get preggers, so he also will be, quite literally, MY BABY for some time to come!
when i see him figuring things out, like the keys go to the door or cleaning up, etc, it's always a bittersweet for me! i love that he is becoming more independent! i love to see him play with his brother! i love to see him run around chasing bubbles on the front sidewalk! but i also hate that he doesn't seem to need or want mommy anymore. lap time is a rare occasion, snuggles even harder to find. he already tries to put his shoes and coat on...now if only i could get him to stop eating the crayons!!!
ha, well he will always be my baby, even when he has his own babies!

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