Sunday, February 21, 2010

dinosaurs with gigi

owen and aiden on their grand adventure

owen and aiden spent many days (and nights) with their mom mom, "soozie", mora and tisha while i was in the hospital! they picked them up rather unexpectedly without their coats even on their back. they went shopping at the nearby impact store and provided everything from boots to snowpants, diapers, medicine for snotty noses and teething babies, etc. the boys had an absolute ball playing in the snow, eating tons, playing wii cars, etc. owen even built a snowman that he insisted was "snowman mommy" and got to go sledding for the first time ever!!! thanks family for helping out so much with the boys and for showing them a great time!

ocd boy never sleeps....

it doesn't matter what you give long as he has multiple things, it will get lined up! here you can see the array of dinos, cars and abc animals!

owens new "cheese"

every picture HE LETS ME TAKE recently is like this....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

time is slipping away

there are so many things i want to blog about,
some things for each blog,
that i actually find myself a little
overwhelmed with the thought!
it has been a long time and i just have to
1. find time,
2. organize thoughts and pictures, and
3. just do it!!!
before i know it there will be a
million more things i want to
mention/share with everyone...
here's to let you know
i am here and alive,
and will hopefully be
catching you up really soon!!!